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Monday, July 23, 2018
EBS Security
EBS Security


How Important is Small Business Information Security?

There are 24.6 million small businesses in the US, and another 2.3 million in Canada who are handling sensitive documents and confidential client information every day. Are they taking the proper care to make sure confidentiality isn’t compromised? The following infographic from includes some facts on small business information security.... [Read more]

How to Burglar Proof Windows – Madico Safety Film

There are quite a few way to reinforce your windows. You can choose to purchase windows with reinforced glass, use polycarbonate or pexiglass windows, window locks, window bars and window alarms. The following video shows you the benefits of reinforcing your windows using Safety and Security Film. In this demonstration, they show you the time it takes... [Read more]

Home Security and Burglary Prevention, Robert Siciliano

According to the FBI a burglar enters a US home every 11 seconds. So the numbers are on the rise thanks in large part to our down economy. So, what’s a home owner to do? Here are a few tips on how to theft proof your home. Burglaries are up 15% this past year. They’ll be in and out of your house in a matter of seconds and they’ll... [Read more]

Can Your Smart Home Keep You Safe?

Recently on the EBS Security blog we’ve been posting a lot about smart homes. Smart home security options, smart home locks, and the benefits and disadvantages of converting your home into a smart home. But one of the most important factors in whether you’re going to convert your home into a smart home or not should be ‘Can your smart... [Read more]

Should I Convert my Home into a Smart Home?

Due to the increasing popularity of smart homes, many companies have been able to advance the technology necessary to bring affordably priced smart home products to the market. People are investing in smart home products every day. Whether it’s an automatic coffee maker, a thermostat, or an entire home security system, many families are making their... [Read more]

Money, Murder & The Mona Lisa: The Most Creative Heists of All-Time

What’s the best way to steal a billion dollars? These seven epic heists show there’s a million ways to steal, but only a few ways to get away with it… This infographic is provided by Simplisafe Home Security Systems.  [Read more]

What You Need to Know About Retail Security

At EBS Security we offer something that an electronic security system can’t; visible armed, or unarmed, security. An electronic system is a must, but sometimes it’s simply not enough. The presence of a security guard can help to completely deter potential criminals. However, if you’re in retail security you know that you need to protect... [Read more]

Tips to Burglar Proof Doors

1. Ensure your door is sturdy! To ensure a burglar can’t simply kick your door in, you need to make sure you have the right type of door! Door types you can consider are solid wood, fiberglass, reinforced steel, or at the very least, a door with a solid-wood core. Wooden doors are a great choice, they have a timeless look and can be painted any... [Read more]

Happy New Year!

EBS Security would like to wish you a Happy New Year!  [Read more]

Merry Christmas!

  EBS Security would like to wish you a very merry Christmas!  [Read more]

3 Common Security Systems for Retail Stores

If you own a retail store, the safety of your employees and inventory is generally at the top of your list. Installing cameras, hiring security guards, and implementing security tags at your store are a few steps you as a retail store owner can take in order to prevent or catch thievery. Recording Devices If you install cameras throughout your store... [Read more]

The Myths, Facts and More of IP Surveillance Cameras

If you own a retail store security should be one of your top concerns. Installing quality surveillance cameras not only helps prevent theft, it also benefits you if your store is robbed as you will be able to provide the police and insurance companies with proof of what happened. Some Quick Facts The average cost of a surveillance system is $100 –... [Read more]