Wednesday - July 24, 2024
Security Services in Jacksonville Florida

Safety Is Our Work

At EBS Security Inc., our mission is to ensure the utmost safety and security of our clients’ organizations and personnel. Since 2002, we have earned an exceptional reputation for providing superior armed and unarmed security services and cost-effective support solutions to various organizations throughout the nation’s commercial, residential, and government sectors.

All EBS security officers are highly trained, reliable, and skilled professionals that operate under a strict code of core values, high standards, policies and procedures set forth by our company. We strive to remain committed to each of our clients’ specific needs through excellent customer service and proactive solutions to foster a positive, lasting business relationship.

Our Service Area

EBS Security Inc.’s headquarters is located in Jacksonville, Florida, and our trained and certified security officers and support services are sought after for a variety of locations and events throughout the Northeast Florida region as well as nationwide. Some of the clients we serve include:

• Airports • Commercial Buildings • Construction Sites • Financial Institutions • Fire Watches •
• Gated Communities/Residences • Government Entities • Media Outlets • Medical Facilities • Mobile Patrols •
• Nonprofit Organizations • Retail Shops • School/University Campuses • Transportation • and Much More.

Our Approach

We believe that the best way to solve a crime is to never allow it to happen. Our approach focuses on prevention, and we offer 24-Hour Emergency Services to accommodate our clients’ most immediate needs.

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