Halloween has come and gone and the holidays are fast approaching. This year looks to be a bit different with the supply chain issues taking place right now. Store shelves look to be bare so there may be an increase in theft from porch pirates or in store shoplifting. When resources are scant, crime increases. Add that to the pandemic and it’s a good idea to put in place some safety practices for the holiday season.

Holiday Safety Tips

Lock Your Office

This should be a no brainer, but when leaving the office be sure to lock it. If you’re going in to catch up on a weekend or when the office is otherwise closed, be sure to lock it upon entering. Even if you have a security guard it’s a good idea to keep the doors locked this time of year.

Lock Your Home

The holidays are busy and it’s easy to forget to lock the doors. Don’t forget to lock the doors. Put a sticky note by the door if you have to manually lock it upon leaving. Consider installing a lock that locks automatically. Never leave the door unlocked for friends or family. Make sure everyone has a key or knows the code so you can leave the door locked at all times.

Don’t Advertise at Home

After the holidays our recycling bins and trash containers are filled with boxes from gifts – those like computers or gaming boxes advertise to everyone what is inside the house. Break down boxes and bring them to recycling yourself or put them out the day recycling is picked up.

Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are great tools for preventing crime and solving crime. When the doorbell is rung you can answer it on your cell phone, even if you aren’t home. You can talk to the person ringing your doorbell and they have no idea if you are home or on the other side of the country.

These are just a few ways to keep yourself and your belonging safe during the holiday season. With a little prevention, thoughtfulness and planning ahead, you can prevent yourself from being a victim of crime. Video doorbells make great gifts.

Lock Your Car

If you do manage to score some gifts from the mall be sure to lock your car after you’ve loaded it up. There’s been an increase in theft from vehicles as well as car jackings and vehicle theft. LOCK YOUR VEHICLE when you are in it and when you are not in it. Don’t leave items where they can be seen and if necessary have someone escort you to your car if it’s dark out or you’re in a place where there are few people around. Empty your car as soon as possible.

Park in Well-Lit Spots

Parking under a street light will provide a little more security than parking in a dark corner of a parking lot. Park by other vehicles and as stated above have someone escort you to your car if you’re carrying lots of packages.

Don’t Advertise

If you’ve been shopping all day, don’t advertise to those opportunists that you have great stuff worth stealing. Hide packages from electronic and computer stores or better yet take them home right away and avoid temptation altogether.