There is currently a critical need for blood donations. Donations are down due to Covid and need is higher than ever due to Covid and recent natural disasters such as the floods in Tennessee.

Blood donations help cancer patients, trauma patients, sickle cell patients, burn patients and those with chronic diseases. If you’ve never given blood before, or it’s been a while since you’ve donated blood, now is an excellent time to give the gift of life.

Donating blood is easier than ever. You can expect to register – bring an ID with you, and provide a health history and get a mini physical. While donating you’ll relax while you donate a pint of blood. You may feel a little tired and will be provided with a snack upon completion. You can resume your regular activities within the hour.

The whole process of donating blood takes about an hour. Once your blood is tested it will be sent to someone in need.

Who can give blood? You should be at least 17 years old and good general health as well as you should be feeling well when you donate. You should not donate more than once a month and must weigh at least 110 pounds (there are other weight requirements for those under 18).

You can prepare for your donation by eating iron rich foods like red meat, poultry and fish and be sure to be well hydrated. Bring your favorite music to listen to while you donate. You can even bring a friend to keep you occupied.

Now more than ever blood donations are needed. Those who have never donated before might be hesitant, but once they’ve made their first donation many find it becomes a regular part of their life.

Please consider giving the gift of life – donate blood today.

To learn more please contact the Red Cross in your area or visit their website at