It’s been two months since Jacksonville entered a state of emergency due to Covid-19. Currently in Stage 1 of reopening, it looks like we may soon begin phase 2.

What does Phase 2 look like with regard to reopening Jacksonville?

It means more businesses will be allowed to open, though at reduced capacity. You can say goodbye to salad bars and buffet for now, and bulk items in the grocery store will still be off limits, but bars, nightclubs and restaurants can begin to provide dine-in service again. These businesses must operate at 50% capacity and limit group sizes to 10 or less.

Social Distancing Continues

Social distancing will be with us until we develop and distribute a vaccine for the virus and develop herd immunity. Even after that, many people may be reluctant to let go of their social distancing practices. There is no doubt that this pandemic has changed the way do business, the way we interact with others and the way we interact with our surroundings. It will be some time before we go back to the way things were, if ever.

Sporting Events and Venues

During phase 2 of opening Jacksonville back up after Covid-19 we can expect to start enjoying sports and large events again, though again at reduced capacity (50%). Movie theaters can open up but are only allowed to operate at 75% capacity and group sizes are limited to 10. This includes arcades, bowling alleys, concert venues and other spaces that attract large groups of people for one event. Theme parks will open again, but with strict capacity limits and even stricter adherence to social distancing expected.

Retail and Specialty Shops

Retail, nail salons, hair salons and barber shops can reopen but must operate at 75% capacity and social distancing must be enforced. Services such as nail salons and hair salons/barbers should use PPE.

Beaches and State Parks

Both beaches and state parks will open with few restrictions, though social distancing is encouraged.