Halloween is one of the best events of the year for children but it can be dangerous if children aren’t cautious. Teach your kids these Halloween safety tips before they head out to trick or treat this year.

Halloween Safety Tips

Go in Groups – Don’t let your older child go trick or treating by himself. Make sure they go in groups and that they keep track of each other. For younger children an adult or two should be leading the group.

Plan a Route – Map out the area where your kids will be trick or treating and make sure to stay on it. Little kids should stay close to home as even walking a few blocks can tire out the little ones. You don’t want to have to carry a 5 year old for several city blocks if you don’t have to so make route close to home and stick to it.

Bring a Flashlight – While there will be street lights to help guide you and most homes will have their porch lights on, it will still be dark outside. Darkness can be scary for the little ones so bring along a flashlight in case the darkness becomes too much for some.

Wear Comfortable Shoes – Make sure you and the kids wear sensible shoes, even if they don’t match the costume. Walking long distances in uncomfortable shoes can result in blisters and an early end to Halloween.

Wear Reflective Tape – Apply reflective tape to your kid’s costumes so drivers are sure to see them.

Bring Your Phone – If you’ve got older kids going out for trick or treats make sure at least one of them has a cell phone for emergencies. However, make sure they don’t have their nose in the phone instead of watching while crossing streets.

Stay on the Sidewalk – Make sure everyone stays on the sidewalk and out of the street. Drivers are vigilant on Halloween but there’s a lot of commotion and it can be difficult to see small children who dart out into the street. Keep the kids on the sidewalk at all times. When crossing the street make eye contact with any drivers who have stopped so you can cross.

Costume Size – Costumes should be the right size so the child doesn’t trip or get tangled in excess material.

Masks – If wearing a mask make sure eye hole are large enough for child to have full peripheral vision. Try using face paint instead of a mask that can fall down or fall off and get lost.

Check Candy – Tell your kids not to eat any candy until it has been checked by an adult. While poison candy is extremely rare, it’s best to be safe than sorry.