Last month we talked about home security during the holidays, and I got to thinking that many small businesses might need some helpful tips to keeping their brick and mortar business safe during the holidays. Of course some of the tips for home safety can be used for small businesses, but there are a few extra tips to keep in mind.

Holiday Security for your Small Business

Lights – Keeping your business well lit, inside and out, is a great way to prevent after hours break-ins. If you have a business located on a busy street with large display windows make sure they are well lit during your closed hours. Keeping a light in the back of the store can be helpful too.

Cameras – Installing a camera is a great way to not only protect your business but it allows you the ability to check in real time and see what’s going on. This provides a sense of security and gives you freedom to travel during the holidays. Just login to the app on your phone and you can see what the camera sees.

Action – Having a security guard at your business is one of the best ways to prevent break ins and to keep abreast of any damage caused by nature. Having a security guard overnight can keep your business safe and give you peace of mind to enjoy your time away from the business. For many small businesses a security guard is too expensive, but when several businesses pull together they can share a guard watching over their businesses. Of course it depends on what kind of shop you have an how close your neighbors are, but usually something can be arranged to fit the needs of multiple small businesses.

Security System – If a security guard isn’t in your budget, a security system might be the next best thing. When shopping for a security system find out what the subscription provides. Many just monitor the area, while others will alert the appropriate athority if a break in occurs or there is a fire.

Connect – One of the best ways to prevent robberies and break-ins of businesses is to know your community. Get to know other shop owners and work together to keep a vigilant eye on the area. Knowing the people of the community builds a strong community which has been shown to have fewer break-ins and other crime.

From all of us at EBS Security, we hope you have a safe and Happy Holiday!