Since the Covid-19 outbreak, most of us who are non-essential workers have been stuck at home. While it might seem boring, it’s actually hugely helpful in preventing many more deaths due to the coronavirus. It just doesn’t feel all that helpful when you’re stuck at home. Additionally, being stuck at home can be a great source of anxiety. Not only are you stuck at home, but you’ve likely got more time on your hands to think about all the uncertainty that is currently our new normal.

Offering a helping hand during stressful times is a great way to combat both boredom and anxiety. Thankfully, there are many ways to help those in your neighborhood, community and nation.

If you want to help out during the Safer at Home order, there are many ways you can help those in need.

Start Local – giving to local charities and non-profits is a great way to help those who need the most in your community. has a large lists of local charities where your help is needed. Be sure to research any organization, before sending them money.

Help your Local Restaurants – All restaurants have been forced to cancel dine-in service. They can still serve customers by offering curbside and take out, unfortunately that’s probably not enough to stay afloat. You can help your favorite restaurants by visiting their website and purchasing gift certificates to be used when the Safer at Home order has been lifted. This will help the restaurants continue to pay their employees and you’ll get a nice meal later in time.

Donate Blood – Blood banks are low on blood due to the outbreak, so if you are healthy please consider donating blood. You can learn more at OneBlood.

Local Food Banks – With so many people out of work right now the food banks are experiencing shortages of unprecedented levels. Please consider donating anything you can to your local food banks. Click here for a comprehensive list of food banks and food pantries.

Get Healthy – Be sure to stay as healthy as you can. Eat a balanced diet, reduce alcohol, stay away from drugs. Treat your body like the temple it is so that you remain healthy and out of the hospital.

Stay Home – Stay Safe

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