At EBS Security we’re all about safety, and one of the ways to keep people safe is to make sure their homes and work environments are tested for radon. January is Radon Awareness Month, a great time to find out your radon levels.

Did you know that radon is responsible for more than 21,000 lung cancer deaths each year? In Florida one in five homes tests positive for elevated radon levels. Radon can be found in all types of buildings – single family homes, townhouses, schools, office buildings, hi rises, and strip malls – radon can be found anywhere. It doesn’t matter how old or new the structure is either. What that means is everyone should have their home and workplace tested for elevated levels of radon.

What is Radon?

Radon is a Class A carcinogen. It is tasteless and odorless. Radon comes from the radioactive breakdown of naturally occurring radium found in most soils. As it breaks down into a gas it seeps into homes through the soil and into small cracks in the foundation of the structure.

How to Test for Radon

Testing is easy and inexpensive. You can purchase them online through the Kansas State University, or at many hardware or home improvement stores. Simply follow the directions that come with the kit and you’ll know if your home or office has elevated radon levels in a week or two after sending it in.

Why You Need to Know

Exposure to radon can cause lung cancer in smokers and non-smokers alike. If you smoke and have long term exposure to radon your risk of developing lung cancer increases exponentially.

What you Can Do

If you test your home or work space and it tests positive for elevated levels of radon you will have several options based on the level or radon detected. For the most part you will want to fix the structure that has been compromised.

Visit the EPA to get local information about radon in your area. If you have elevated levels of radon you’ll need to hire someone licensed to mitigate the problem. In many cases it’s repairing the foundation of the structure, but in some cases that isn’t possible and other remedies must be taken. You can learn more about radon at the EPA website.