It’s been a little over a week since we sprang forward for Daylight Saving Time. If you’re like most people it was a bit of an adjustment. By now you should be acclimated to the time change and with the longer days should be getting ready for summer and all it brings with it to Jacksonville.

In addition to moving the clocks forward, spring is a great time to do a seasonal security check on your home or business. At EBS Security of Jacksonville, these are the security checks we recommend for home and your small business. If you’re in need of security services, now is a great time to meet with one of our consultants about the kind of security needs you have. From providing unarmed and armed security personnel to scheduled patrol or consulting services, we provide security services to the Northeast Florida region. Call us at (904) 354-4242 to learn how we can keep your business or event secure.

Spring Forward – Security Tips for Jacksonville

Smoke Detectors

Hopefully you changed the batteries in all your smoke detectors when you moved your clocks ahead. Did you know that smoke detectors wear out and need to be replaced? Accumulated dust and grime can make the smoke detector less able to detect smoke so it’s a good idea to replace smoke detectors after ten years. If you’ve recently moved in to a new home and aren’t sure how old the detectors are replacing them is a good idea.

CO2 Detectors

Like smoke detectors you want to swap out the old batteries with new ones. If your CO2 detector is hard wired into your home you’ll want to follow the manufactures directions on how to clean and maintain the unit. Clean any dust and debris from the unit.

Windows and Doors

Living in Florida, you’ve probably got central air in your home so your doors and windows remain closed. Make sure doors and windows are locked when leave the home and when you are home. It’s well known that thieves will move on to the next house if your doors are locked. Don’t be an easy target by leaving your doors and windows unlocked.

Landscaping and Yard

Keep tools such as ladders, shovels and anything that could be used to gain entry into your home locked up. Trim bushes and landscaping so the home looks lived in and cared for.


Lock your garage at all times. Whether your garage is connected to your home or it stands alone, it’s a good idea to keep your garage locked.

Spring Break

If you’re going on spring break and will be out of the home for a few days or longer, have a neighbor collect your mail and newspapers. If that isn’t an option put a hold on your mail at the post office, and call the paper to have it paused until you return. Uncollected mail and piled up newspapers is a welcome mat to those would break into your home and rob you of its contents.