Spring is just around the corner and there are many things you can do to spruce up your property for better security. Whether it’s installing motion detecting lights or simply keeping your yard neat and trimmed, there’s always a way to make your home and property more secure.  These DIY tips can be completed in a weekend or less and are generally pretty cost effective.

Spring Security Tips

Lawn and Garden – Keep your lawn mowed and your gardens weeded. A well tended garden and lawn says to potential robbers that there is someone home. If you go on vacation be sure to have someone mow the lawn, weed any gardens. Have your neighbors collect the mail and newspapers or call and have them held until you return. If you have a security system make sure any signage is prominently displayed. Most burglars will pass on homes with security systems or dogs. So consider placing a “Beware of Dog” sign on your property.

Lighting – Outdoor lighting is great for lighting up your yard and creating ambiance. It’s also a really good deterrent for criminals. Install motion sensor lights on the permitter of your home. You can also install smart lights in your home to randomly go on giving the appearance of people in the home. This works well when you’re on vacation.

Landscape – Prune hedges and cut back bushes and trees to prevent them from blocking windows. Plant prickly bushes under first floor windows to curb any would-be burglar from entering through the windows.

These are just few ways to add security features to your spring clean up. For more security ideas check out the archived blog posts.