It’s been a long year. We may be coming out of the pandemic, but it still feels like things are off. If you’re like me you probably still have to think what day it is, or even what year it is. Many of the milestones we use to keep us on track have changed drastically. Sports are now coming back, but their absence has hindered many people’s perception of time. Missing family and friends over the holidays may have you wondering if the holidays have happened or if they are about to happen. I can’t tell you how many times sine Easter I have thought I need to start making plans for – Easter, because we didn’t celebrate the way we usually do and my brain figured it was an upcoming event.

In light of this phenomenon – missing a year of milestones – it’s no surprise many of us might have forgotten to some things that are completely routine – home maintenance and home safety updates. If you haven’t performed these home security and safety tips yet this spring, take some time this spring and check them off your list of things to do.

Springtime Safety Checklist

Security System

Whether you have a complete home security system monitored through a third party source or you installed a system like Ring – unless your system is hard wired in, batteries need to be changed, or charged. Clear any obstructions from cameras and make sure the app has been updated to the latest software.

Windows and Doors

Make sure doors and windows are locked when you leave the home and when you are home. Instruct family members to also lock doors when they enter the home and when they leave the home. It’s well known that thieves will move on to the next house if your doors are locked. Don’t be an easy target by leaving your doors and windows unlocked. If you have a security system make sure to set it when you are not home and when sleeping. Teach children how to use the system and instruct them not to share any codes with friends – online or off.

Smoke Detectors

If you haven’t changed the batteries when Daylight Saving Time started now is an excellent time to do so. If your smoke detectors are more than 10 years old it’s time to replace the whole device and not just the battery. If you’ve recently moved in to a new home and aren’t sure how old the detectors are replacing them is a good idea.

CO2 Detectors

Like smoke detectors you want to swap out the old batteries with new ones. If your CO2 detector is hard wired into your home you’ll want to follow the manufactures directions on how to clean and maintain the unit. Clean any dust and debris from the unit.

Landscaping and Yard

Keep tools such as ladders, shovels and anything that could be used to gain entry into your home locked up. Trim bushes and landscaping so the home looks lived in and cared for.


Keep your garage locked when you aren’t in it. With the uptick in catalytic converter theft an unlocked garage invites trouble. Keep larger items such as lawn mowers, grills, ATVs, bikes etc locked up. You can use a bicycle chain and lock to keep them tied together to make them more difficult to steal. Keep tools and other items locked up as well.


If you’re going on vacation and will be out of the home for a few days or longer, have a neighbor collect your mail and newspapers. If that isn’t an option put a hold on your mail at the post office, and call the paper to have it paused until you return. Uncollected mail and piled up newspapers are an invitation for criminals to break in and rob your house.