With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, we’re all consumed with keeping our homes, workplaces, schools and other gathering areas safe. While we specialize in safety and security for home and office, we’re also concerned with keeping those spaces safe from any virus. We should all practice these safety tips to ensure our home, office, school, place of worship and any other meeting place remains a safe space in this chaotic time.

Staying Safe During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Cover your Cough

If you have to cough or sneeze use a tissue that can be immediately thrown away, or use a handkerchief. If you don’t have either of those, sneeze or cough into your elbow. Don’t use your hand.

Don’t Shake Hands

Greet people with an elbow tap, a wave, or simply a nod of the head. Don’t worry about offending anyone, they all know that shaking hands is off the table at this point. It’s easy to forget, so try to stay mindful not to shake hands.

Wash your Hands

Hand washing will go a long way to flattening the curve of Covid-19. Be sure to wash in the warmest water you can stand without burning yourself, using soap and lather for 20 seconds.

Disinfect Surfaces

Using disinfectant wipes to clean surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, tables, desks, handrails and anything else you touch regularly. The handle on the refrigerator in the break room, the vending machines, your keyboard, your mouse, and especially your phone.

Don’t Touch your Face

We touch our face thousands of times a day and we don’t even know it. Try to be mindful of touching you face and then do all you can not to. Gloves can reduce the amount of times you touch your face because it keeps you aware that you’re touching it.

Practice Social Distancing

It’s not always possible, but do your best to stay 6feet away from other people whether they show signs of the virus or not. Refrain from going to places where many people will be. If you need to go to the grocery store consider going at night when fewer people are there. Use the self checkout line to prevent contact with staff. Don’t go to bars or other places where people congregate in tight quarters.

If you Feel Sick

Symptoms of Covid-19 include sore throat, cough and fever. You don’t have to have any symptoms to have the virus so it’s good to practice social distancing even if you feel well. If you feel sick, get plenty of rest and stay hydrated. If you have a hard time breathing seek medical attention ASAP. Most mild cases of Coronavirus can be treated at home, but if you have any underlying health problems such as heart disease or diabetes you should call your physician.

This Too Shall Pass

It might not seem like it, but this will pass. It might be a few months, it might be longer, but it will pass. Life will get back to the normal that we used to know.