1. Ensure your door is sturdy!

To ensure a burglar can’t simply kick your door in, you need to make sure you have the right type of door! Door types you can consider are solid wood, fiberglass, reinforced steel, or at the very least, a door with a solid-wood core.

Wooden doors are a great choice, they have a timeless look and can be painted any color to match your home if you don’t like the wood grain.

A metal door is a very secure choice, but they do require a little extra care to properly maintain and prevent rust.


2. Don’t have windows on your doors. 

While door windows look nice and can allow more sunlight into your home, they are a great security risk. It’s a simple matter for a burglar to smash through the window, reach through, and unlock your door from the inside. If you do have a door with a window, make sure to use reinforced glass or add a decorative bar or metal reinforcement to keep the burglars away.

3. Keep shrubbery away from the home. 

Plants and shrubbery help make the landscaping your home look nice, but if they’re too close to your windows or doors a burglar can easily lie in wait for the opportune moment.

4. Install a Deadbolt

A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, and the same could be said of your door. If your lock can’t withstand being kicked in, it doesn’t matter how sturdy your door is.

5. Install a secondary one-sided deadbolt

Secondary deadbolts are nearly impossible to bypass. Because they are one-sided they can only be used when you are home, but burglars don’t only strike when you’re away, and you definitely don’t want them to break into your home while you or your family is there.