Retail theft can have a serious impact on small businesses, in fact, the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention says that more than $35 million worth of good are stolen from retailers every day. Here are 5 of the best ways your retail small business can deter shoplifters today:

  1. Maximize Visibility: The first step in loss prevention is keeping an eye on your merchandise! You can make this task easier by placing shorter displays closer to the register, and taller displays along the perimeter of the store so that all merchandise is visible from the register. You can place mirrors around the store to make blind spots visible.
  2. Have Visible Security Systems: Simply having security cameras visible around the store can help deter shoplifters, even if they don’t work! Additionally, mirros, and posted noticies of how you will handle shoplifters can help change a potential shoplifters mind.
  3. Lock It Up: For more expensive products, or products that are more likely to be stolen, lock them up! Making customers ask to look at items behind the counter makes it nearly impossible for them to shoplift the items.
  4. Be Aware: Be alert at all times in your store, especially during opening, closing and restocking hours. Know which merchandise is most appealing to shoplifters (hint: small and/or expensive items) and place it in prominent areas, where employees can see it.
  5. Have a Presence:  Greet every customer and offer help throughout the shopping process. Not only will your presence remind potential shoplifters they’re being watched, but your vigilance will give you the added opportunity to track merchandise, especially items that go in and out of a dressing room.

It’s nearly impossible to completely eliminate theft in your store, but by following the tips provided above you can definitely make it more difficult for potential shoplifters. An additional tip would be to hire a security service, they provide more eyes and training to keep your employees and your merchandise safe.

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