The Bottom Line – Stay smart and put safety first. 

You may think, ‘Oh, it would never happen to me. I lock my doors every day.’  Unfortunately a locked door is rarely enough to stop an intruder from entering your home.  While we hope that you never experience a break-in, it’s always good to be prepared.

So, what should you do if your home has been broken into while you’re still there?


Step 1: Get out of the house.

Remember, safety first. Leave your home as quickly as possible and get someplace safe like your neighbor’s house, your car, or a nearby store. Although it may be tempting to confront the burglar you’re much better of avoiding them and removing yourself from the situation.

Step 2: Contact the authorities.

Once you have gotten to a safe location, call 911 and tell the police that someone has broken into your home.

Step 3: Preserve the evidence.

Don’t go back into your home until the police arrive, and when they do, be sure you pay attention to what you touch. Try not to touch anything that the police could get evidence from. Door handles, jewelry box drawers, and safes are all items that are likely to have the burglars fingerprints on.

Step 4: Call your insurance company.

Once the police have come and gone, call your insurance company and file a claim for any missing or broken items.

Step 5: Takes steps to ensure you’re prepared for the future.

Having your home broken into can be a terrible experience that can be hard to overcome. A great way to start the healing process is by taking steps to ensure your prepared for the future. Change your locks, upgrading or installing a home security system, insuring your home and belongings, and taking self defense classes are ways to prepare.


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