Summer is in full swing and odds are you’ll be going on vacation soon. Follow these tips on what to do before you go on vacation to have a stress free vacation and a stress free return.

Shut off Water Main – Before you leave for your week at the beach or that camping trip, turn off the water main in your home. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than having a neighbor call to tell you you’ve sprung a leak, or worse to come home to a home filled with water. Don’t risk it, turn off the water before you leave on vacation.

Stop Mail and Newspapers – Don’t let burglars know you’re out of town by forgetting to stop the mail or newspaper. Nothing says the owner is away like a pile of newspapers at the door. You can also ask a neighbor to take in your mail and paper each day. Just don’t leave them out there advertising the fact that you are gone.

Don’t Share on Social Media – Wait until your return to share all your wonderful memories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t post on any social media sites that you will be out of town on vacation. Thieves search social media sites to see who is leaving on vacation so they can burglarize their home. Don’t be a willing victim.

Clean out the Fridge РBefore you leave toss any food in the fridge that is about to expire or that might cause an odor. Nothing is worse than coming home to refrigerator full of rotten food. Check dates on dairy products too and toss before you leave. Leave an opened box of baking soda for added freshness.

Clean the Garbage Disposal – The garbage disposal is another source of foul odors so be sure to clean it out before you leave. Let it run and flush with 1/2 cup distilled vinegar.

Leave a Light on – You don’t have to have a SMART home to deter a burglar. Leave a light on a timer or put the TV on a timer to give the impression that someone is home. Many timers can be used with your phone so you can control the lights while you are gone.