Providing staff with a safe and secure working environment is key to running a successful business. As providers of workplace security in Jacksonville, FL, we’ve seen the best and worst in business security. A successful company wants to make sure staff is safe and secure at all times. This includes those who leave early, those who stay late, and everyone in between. You never know when a threat will appear so it’s best to always be prepared.

Providing security detail to your company can reduce the number of victims in a mass shooting. Security can also escort staff members to their cars when they work late or stop by on weekends. A show of force can deter crime such as break-ins and robberies, and it helps staff feel safe and secure while on site.

On-site security does more than escorting staff to and from their vehicles. They also patrol the building looking for signs of entry and securing them. They take notice of loiterers and investigate to make sure they should be in the building. If not they help to move them along.

Workplace safety is more than having a security officer on site, staff, employees and contractors should all practice good personal safety.

Personal Safety Tips

Don’t Walk Alone – If you can’t find a friend or co-worker to walk to your car at the end of the day, ask a security guard to escort you. If that isn’t possible, ask that he watch you as you walk to your car.

Dress Appropriately – Wear clothing that is suitable for the office. Wear shoes that you can run in if necessary.

Be Alert – Take notice of your surroundings. Notice if someone is hovering around your car – they may want to attack you or steal your vehicle. Don’t be distracted by texting or other apps on your phone.

Keep It Lit – Walk in well lit areas and avoid shortcuts that might not be as well illuminated as the main pathway.

Lock Your Vehicle – Lock your vehicle no matter what. When you arrive at your car when leaving check to make sure the vehicle is still locked and check in the windows to make sure no one has gained entry.

Carry Mace – If you do have to walk alone, carry mace with you. If you don’t have mace hold your keys through your fingers and use as a defense if attacked.

Trust Your Instincts – If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Trust your gut and remove yourself from the situation. Ask a security guard to assist you in getting where you are going.

If you do become a victim of crime report it to the police as soon as possible.