If you own a retail store, the safety of your employees and inventory is generally at the top of your list. Installing cameras, hiring security guards, and implementing security tags at your store are a few steps you as a retail store owner can take in order to prevent or catch thievery.

Recording Devices

If you install cameras throughout your store you can not only be on the lookout for shoplifters, you can also record every transaction that occurs in the store. Cameras are necessary if you own a retail store. If you are robbed you will be able to provide the police and insurance companies with proof of the incident. You can also avoid most issues simply by having cameras in visible locations as it will generally put off potential thieves altogether. Take a look at last weeks post to view an infographic featuring The Myths, Facts and More of IP Surveillance Cameras.

Security Guards

If you are in a particularly bad area, you may need to consider hiring a full-time security guard who can protect your store and employees. Most criminals fear security guards and will avoid your store simply due to their presence, as such, hiring a security guard is a great way to prevent problems. If you don’t have the funds to hire a security guard for all shifts, you’ll want to consider keeping one around for at least the night shift.

Security Tags

If your store sells expensive items, it’s a good idea to put security tags on them. With security tags you can catch a shoplifter the minute they walk out of your door. You can’t watch all of your customers and potential shoplifter all of the time, but with security tags you can prevent issues as thieves will generally notice the security tags and leave those items alone.