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Professional Security Services in Jacksonville, FL

February 15th, 2019

If you’re looking for professional security services in Jacksonville, FL you’ve found the right place. At EBS Security, we provide top notch security personnel for businesses and organizations throughout the Jacksonville area. At EBS Security of Jacksonville, we’ve been providing exceptional security services and support since 2002. We provide officers who are highly trained, reliable and skilled professionals to organizations like schools and universities, retail shops, construction sites, gated communities, and so much more. We offer cost effective solutions to all your security... Read More

How Important is Small Business Information Security?

May 20th, 2015

There are 24.6 million small businesses in the US, and another 2.3 million in Canada who are handling sensitive documents and confidential client information every day. Are they taking the proper care to make sure confidentiality isn’t compromised? The following infographic from includes some facts on small business information security. Some of those facts include SMB perspective on the impact of a breach, views on international information security processes, the role of training in privacy protection, and US vs. Canadianattitudes towards security.  Read More

3 Common Security Systems for Retail Stores

December 17th, 2014

If you own a retail store, the safety of your employees and inventory is generally at the top of your list. Installing cameras, hiring security guards, and implementing security tags at your store are a few steps you as a retail store owner can take in order to prevent or catch thievery. Recording Devices If you install cameras throughout your store you can not only be on the lookout for shoplifters, you can also record every transaction that occurs in the store. Cameras are necessary if you own a retail store. If you are robbed you will be able to provide the police and insurance companies with... Read More