If you’ve ever considered taking a self defense class or classes, there may be no better time. As professional security service providers in the greater Jacksonville area, our team has all been trained in self defense. Taking a self defense class provides several great benefits.


When you take a self defense class you build strength. Not only in muscle, but in muscle memory. Learning self defense techniques train your body to do the moves necessary to provide for either a safe getaway from danger or an ability to stop it altogether. In addition to strengthening your muscles you’re also changing the way you think. A self defense class teaches you how to evaluate your surroundings so you know how to respond in any situation.

Peace of Mind

Knowing how to handle yourself in the event of a robbery, assault or other personal attack provides incredible peace of mind. You don’t have to guess at what you will do, you will have learned how to do it. Providing this knowledge to your children also provides peace of mind.


Taking a self defense class is a great way to get up your fitness. Not only does it provide great cardio, but it is also muscle building. Taking a self defense class is a great way to start a physical fitness journey and can inspire you to do other healthy things like eat right and meditate.


Nothing builds confidence better than knowing you can handle any situation that might present itself. This is especially true for college age young women who might be on their own for the first time. Carrying mace in your purse might be helpful, but being able to use your body to defend yourself against anyone who might try to assault you gives you an air of confidence which keeps those who might harm you at bay.

There’s no downside to taking a self defense class and many facilities offer a free trial so you can find the class that fits your needs. If you’ve been wanted to learn self defense I encourage you to give find a class near you and give it a try.