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Benefits of Taking a Self Defense Class

September 8th, 2021

If you’ve ever considered taking a self defense class or classes, there may be no better time. As professional security service providers in the greater Jacksonville area, our team has all been trained in self defense. Taking a self defense class provides several great benefits. Strength When you take a self defense class you build strength. Not only in muscle, but in muscle memory. Learning self defense techniques train your body to do the moves necessary to provide for either a safe getaway from danger or an ability to stop it altogether. In addition to strengthening your muscles you’re... Read More

Self Defense Classes in Jacksonville Florida

May 17th, 2017

At EBS Security we take security very seriously. We offer armed and unarmed security officers for your events, and we offer body guard services. Which is great help for people who need those kinds of services. But what about self defense? We don’t teach it, but we do encourage everyone to do all they can to be their own defenders. Taking a self defense course or two is a great way to build confidence, it’s provides a wonderful workout, and you acquire the peace of mind in knowing you can fend for yourself if it every becomes necessary. The following is a list of self defense classes... Read More